A dehumidifier is a good idea when the weather is humid


Excess moisture in your indoor environment can cause a variety of problems, from that musty  smell in your basement to respiratory issues and even structural damage to your home. Dehumidifiers are a great solution for removing this unwanted moisture and helping you maintain a healthy humidity level throughout your space.

We have Frigidaire 30,  50 pt and 70 pt dehumidifiers in stock

A few things to remember:

  1. Adjust the humidistat to remove only the necessary amount of moisture. 
  2. Take the filter out and rinse it
  3. Clean the water container periodically. Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual to determine how often the water tank should be cleaned and follow those guidelines.
  4. Ensure proper placement of your dehumidifier. To get the best results from your dehumidifier, place it at least 6 inches away from any walls to ensure proper air intake and exhaust. Also, make sure that all doors and windows are shut tightly within the area where your dehumidifier is operating. Otherwise, your dehumidifier may work overtime dehumidifying air that leaks into the treated space. This could lead to higher energy bills


More information about frigidaire dehumidifiers

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